Tikehau Tours and Excursions

Wild, authentic, preserved, the island is a real lost paradise. Located in the western part of the Tuamotu, 340km north of Tahiti and accessible in 15min from Rangiroa, the island surrounds a lagoon of 26km in diameter. Calm, quiet and peaceful, the island is aptly named.
Like other Tuamotu atolls, it has an impressive marine biodiversity. While traveling in Polynesia, Commander Cousteau himself said that Tikehau had the world’s most fish-rich lagoon, enough to attract diving enthusiasts from all over the world…

Our selection of the best activities in Tikehau

What to do in Tikehau ?

You are willing to visit Tikehau but you don’t know yet what to do there? Find above  the best excursions on land and sea. The beauty of the island is mainly based on its lagoon and its diversity of species.  It would be a shame not to approach a little closer… Put on flippers, mask and snorkel! Enjoy a yummy local meal, try to fish and go deep into the blue, searching for trevallies, tunas, barracudas, fluorescent clams and gorgeous manta rays.