Rangiroa Tours and Excursions

“The big sky” in the Paumotu language, is one of those atolls that one dreams, One of those worlds at the door of Utopia. 240 islets string together in the ocean for more than 177 km, completely encircling a deep lagoon. Known for being diver’s paradise, Rangiroa also offers a panel of land excursions in enchanting setting. On land or on the lagoon, you will find below all selection of tours and excursions in Rangiroa.

Our selection of the best activities in Rangiroa

What to do in Rangiroa ?

You plan to visit the islands of Tahiti and don’t know what to see in Rangiroa? Discover the island thanks to our selection of aquatic excursions and activities. Considered as a paradise for divers, the atoll is known around the world  for its amazing diving sites. From introductory dives to lagoon, passes and reef exploration, beginners and certifieds will be blown away by the abundant underwater fauna and the diversity of the sites. Thousands of colorful fish can be found in the lagoon: parrot fish, jack fish, butterfly fish, clownfish and moray eels are swimming alongside sea turtles and gray sharks. But Rangiroa also offers full day trips. The blug lagoon, fringed by “pink sands” and ideal for refreshing swims and boat rides, the islet Taeo  known to be the home of blue budgerigars and the ‘reef island’, made of emerged coral stones called, will give visitors another occasion to find out about the natural beauty of the atoll. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be delighted to assist you to book the best tours available in Rangiroa.