Huahine Tours and Excursions

From a semantic and historical point of view, Huahine is said to be “the island of women”, as it was governed almost exclusively by queens. It is composed of two distinct islands, linked by a bridge. The island is one of the best kept secrets of Polynesia and a genuine preserved haven to the visitor looking for tranquility. Stunning bays and untouched beaches add character to the experience.  The lagoon is perfect for all sorts of water activities while the archaeological remains will delight the history and culture enthusiasts. On land or on the lagoon, you will find below our selection of tours and excursions in Huahine.

Our selection of the best activities in Huahine

What to do in Huahine ?

You plan to visit the islands of Tahiti and don’t know what to see in Huahine? Whether you’re solo-traveling or with your beloved one, looking for a peaceful escapade or an unexpected adventure, let us show you the most well-known spots of the island throught our selection of excursions and activities. Take a 4×4 ride around the island of Huahine and discover the picturesque villages where time seems to have stopped, the vanilla plantations or the archeaological remains of Maeva. Proud of its history and heritage, the island emphasises on preserving its culture and traditions like local handicraft and ancient fishing technics. You will realize it by yourself during our excursions guided by locals. Eventually, choose from water activities like boat rides on the lagoon and snorkelling sessions in coral gardens to discover the exceptional natural setting of the island. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be delighted to assist you to book the best tours available in Huahine.