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Fishing Trip


Amateur or expert, try the thrilling deep sea fishing experience aboard a well-equipped boat. Enjoy this fishing trip to discover different methods: ancestral, traditional and modern. Return on the island with your best catch and your head full of memories !

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Whether you are a Sunday fisherman or a real aficionado of the discipline, you are about to assist to an outstanding session ! Right in the middle of Cook’s Bay, where the Bounty movie shot, get to hook some rare Polynesian species (pai’here, mahi mahi, haura, crevalle jacks and even wahoos), stay focused on your target but don’t forget to gaze at the outstanding surroundings…

Self-taught fisherman, the captain will teach you both ancestral, traditional and modern techniques. If you thought it was easy as pie, don’t be so sure ! Catch your fish and use the strength of your arms, pick it up with your bare hands and capture the moment.

This sneak peek of the Robinson life is available for both half-day and full-day sessions.


Additional Information

Duration : half or full day
Included : Fishing gear and drinks
Do not forget : camera, swimsuit, towels, sunscreen